7 Jun 2019

I have got all the time in the world

Since I decided last year to start Club 115 I have all the time in the world. I was 64 year old and my aim is to live up to a minimum of 115 years. This gives me another 50 years from now on. Wow! 50 years from now on. This is about all my active life so far. And all again! Incredible. All the things I can do in these 50 coming 50 years. And there is no limitation by thinking life will end soon. Most die around seventy. Not me. I invite you all to attend my 115th birthday. And then we see.

3 Jun 2019

I am a lucky man

It is well known in science of anti-aging that the most extraordinary instances of longevity are found among those who amidst bodily labour, in the open air, leading a simple life agreeable to nature, such as gardeners and sailors!

My garden in may this year
I spent 25 years out there. Wonderful time!

25 May 2019

Today many older people can achieve high performance

There are many examples like the Indian Fauje Singh, who completes marathons at the age of 100 years. Or the German Clemens Wittig, who still has fabulous times on long runs at 75 and holds several age-group records.

Even the 63-year-old Hajo Palm impresses with fitness. If you can handle the rock-hard desert race "Bad water Run", you can be sure of that. The Canadian Ed Whitlock, who still strolls daily around the cemetery at the beginning of 80, is another example. And still runs times that other ambitious long distance runners only can dream of. At age 73, he ran a three hour marathon! No one has ever done that before.

Are these only exceptions? At the time yes, but the exceptions are becoming more and more the rule. Old age is not what we have learned in the past. It needs a complete different approach.
Master Horst D. Lindenau running a 10 km competition in Bremen/Germany

14 May 2019

The woods are good for us

When was the last time you visited the forest? Is it quite some time ago? Well, then it's time to plan another long walk. The forest keeps you healthy. Whether walkers, cyclists, riders, joggers or hikers. Everyone can use the forest in their own way. However, so that everyone can enjoy their trip in the forest undisturbed, it is of course necessary to take into account the forest, its animals and plants 
and of course other recreation seekers. For example, smoking in the woods should really be completely out.

The forest ecosystem is a partnership that is characterised by high stability and diversity. As a long-lived ecosystem, the forest is capable of self-regulation and contains a lot of biomass. The great benefit for the forest visitor is not only in the good, fresh air, but also peace and certain loneliness bring high health value. Mind and soul recover at the sight of nature.

12 May 2019

The food you eat - enjoy!

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful medicine.
Or the slowest form of poison you take.

7 May 2019

Test your stress level

I find this little test quite astonishing. It is very simple but it works. I have tested it myself and the result is worth to pass this little tool on to you. I came back from a bike ride through rush hour, windy and cold day, switched the computer on and the image seemed to roll on.
Other day I checked it out after the daily meditation. Absolutely standstill.
Clever thing that is :)

27 Apr 2019

Never give up

The Race - An Inspirational Story of Struggling Against Failure

Very good film! Click on YouTube version to watch.

22 Apr 2019

Thank you!

Thank you dear visitor, dear reader and thank you all the people they came to the TerLiMa blog in the last 11 years and 5 months.
Today is a special day. TerLiMa blog reached 100.000 page views.

***   100.000   ***

Thank you for this and keep safe and happy! 

This was the first post back on the 12. November 2008. It was posted in German and I show the original here for you and try a translation. Although it is very difficult for me to translate the Bhagavad-Gita.


Krischna spricht:
Wie Kerzenlicht,
vorm Wind beschützt,
nicht flackert,
so bleibt unbewegt der Weise
der sein Ich gezähmt,
mit seinem Gott-Selbst sich vereint.

Aus Bhagavad-Gita, Sechster Gesang, 1940

The Me
Krishna speaks:
Like candle light,
Protected from the wind,
does not flicker,
thus, the wise remains unmoved
his being tamed,
united with his god-self.

From Bhagavad-Gita, Sixth Vocals, 1940
Translation by Horst D. Lindenau

19 Apr 2019

Sleep better tonight

65 % of American adults do not get eight hours of sleep at night, about 70 million suffer from insomnia, and according to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly seven out of ten report frequent sleeping problems* …so far the statistics…

There is a link of sleep disorders and sleep deprivation to a host of ills, including an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke.
You should know that our daily dose of shut-eye regulates the weight, strengthens our immunity, protects our cardiovascular health, repairs our tissues and cells, and restores our energy.
Go to bed now!

17 Apr 2019

Der Teufel scheisst auf den groessten Haufen - The devil shits on the biggest pile

OK, that a bit drastic this German proverb. But what it means, and the meaning is drastic too >

If you want to gain financial freedom, don't go with the fools and poor buddies. Stay away from them!

Rich people associate with POSITIVE and SUCCESSFUL people.
Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

Simple as that.

12 Apr 2019

Worth knowing about yoga

Strangely enough, yoga is always somehow transfigured. Yoga is simple and alone the all-encompassing system for body and mind.

Good to know >>>

  • There are many yoga styles in, there is something for everyone. Yoga ranges from a gentle category for the elderly or ill people to a power professional group.
  • Yoga is the ideal supplement for athletes. There is nothing better.
  • Forget about these circus acrobats. Yoga is more than just a balancing act, just because you were forced to play ballet as a child and do now the full split or bending over does not proof a good yoga performance.
  • And yoga is really not just for women. Men, join in!!!
  • And of course, I personally like Tantra-Yoga best.

7 Apr 2019

Flank change

It's been 20 years now I was in a conflict regarding a journey. Actually, I wanted to go to Germany, but somehow I felt more, it should be London instead. And I could not make up my mind.

A good friend then gave me the crucial idea. “Go to Scotland!” he said. Scotland? I would not have thought about that in my dreams. For too many days I had been thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of visiting London compared to visit Germany.

But that's how life is very often. There are supposedly only two ways out. Either the train turns left or right. OK, that may be true and better in case of a train the train, but we can also look for a third choice. Scotland.
Make a decision. Left, right for the train. You have more options.

4 Apr 2019

Bye bye stress

Stress takes a toll on your body
Everyone at some point feels the effects of stress and many don’t know how to deal with it. I am not talking about the positive stress. No, just the negative one which is far more known as “stress” is a problem. 

To escape this stress by using alcohol, smoking or taking drugs makes matters worse and causing even more problems. Stress becomes a negative factor when a person faces continuous challenges without any time mixed in for relief of it. As a result, people become overworked and stress-related anxiety and illness shows. Stress causes people to breathe harder and usually the wrong way. 

And good breathing is essential for good (long) living. People who are stressed eat much more than usual. Sometimes they will eat much less. When you’re stressed, the brain sends alert sensations to the stomach. Your stomach can react with nausea or pain. Severe stress can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, or constipation. 

If this stress becomes chronic, you can develop ulcers. The best thing to do is learn to manage stress. You won’t avoid stress entirely, but it is possible to minimise the effects by eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and taking care of yourself in general. And watch the breathing!
No stress > longevity!

2 Apr 2019

Everything has an end

Decay is inherent in all compounded things.
Strive on, with diligence.

28 Mar 2019

Turn water into wine

It is well known that expectations of a malady can be as dangerous as a virus. In the same way that shamans could harm their victims through the power of suggestion, priming someone to think they are ill can often produce the actual symptoms of a disease. Vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and even death, could be triggered through belief alone. It is called the “No-cebo effect”.

In the same way thoughts can influence any object and even a thought itself. This is a very important step, to understand longevity and use the mind as a tool in anti-aging. Master Horst D. Lindenau has performed this experiment, which is truly mind blowing.

Three glasses were filled with organic rice and pure water from a well. All three glasses were then placed in the same condition in one room and treated over a period with very different mind patterns. The outcome is astonishing. As in one jar the rice started growing in another one the water turned into mould.

19 Mar 2019

Most illnesses are not only an individual problem

As a result of the today's deformation of society as a whole I like to say that illness is not just an individual problem.

Don't take me wrong, as you know me, I am not looking here for an easy excuse. Too many people would like the easy route and just blame others or even the whole world, the time we live in, the genes, the weather...

No, no, unless something is done about the deformed world that we live in and unless we can sort that problem, unless that more people will suffer.

You for yourself shall start today:

A healthy spirit most comfortable resides in a healthy body! 

We know that. Than act accordingly!
Your boat (body) needs to be fit for the voyage.

13 Mar 2019

9 Mar 2019

I have all the time in the world

TerLiMa says >>> Time is god

Time is a river you cannot step in twice (Heraclitus)

Sign for endlessness

5 Mar 2019


The year usually has 365 days. Of theses, an average of 52 accounts for a Monday. Often I hear people moaning, oh tomorrow comes Monday again. Sure, those are the sensations that come from the fact that you probably have a job that's over your head and it's causing too much stress and displeasure. As i is often when one has to earn money. 

Nevertheless, I think, there is no reason to blame 52 days of the year being Monday and there fore being the bad day.

Therefore, long live the Monday!


Das Jahr hat meist 365 Tage. Davon entfallen durchschnittlich 52 auf einen Montag. Oft höre ich, oh, morgen schon wieder, oder am Montag dann, wenn doch bloß schon Freitag wäre. Sicher, das sind Empfindungen, welche durch die Tatsache entstehen, daß man wahrscheinlich seinen Job absolut über hat und dieser zu viel Stress und Unmut produziert, aber das liebe Geld...
Trotzdem wie ich finde, kein Grund sich 52 Tage im Jahr ein schlechtes Gefühl einzureden.
Dehalb, es lebe der Montag!
Tipp wenn es gar nicht mehr geht, auch mal an Veränderung denken.

1 Mar 2019

Are you an indoor or outdoor type?

The most important factors
to recover and well being are daylight
and fresh air.

Therefore, the call to everyone:

Get out as much as possible

and spend more time outdoors than indoors.

This is the way to good health.

Live during daylight and sleep in the dark.

Go for a walk and think about TerLiMa

17 Feb 2019

Think ahead to a bright future - No limits for me

Club 115 – What it means

Club 115 unites all people who aim to become 115 years old

New members can join at any age

Club 115 supports its members to live 
meaningful and healthy up to 115 years

Club 115 is part of the TerLiMa system

16 Feb 2019

What is TerLiMa?

What is TerLiMa?
TerLiMa is short for Terrestrial Life Management.

Terrestrial > because TerLiMa orientates at solid fixed points. As the terrestrial navigation in the maritime world. Fixed points, solid reference points give you help and advise for your life.

Life > That's you and the whole of the universe.

Management > without a solid management nothing works. Nor does your life. TerLiMa is the tool to manage ones life in the best possible way.

11 Feb 2019

Water. Water. And again water.

Water is the most important commodity for life

It's a fact > Water shortage indifferent areas of your body will manifest varying symptoms, signal and complications labelled DISEASES.

It's a fact > Chronic dehydration of the body is like any other deficiency disorder. Vitamin deficiency, iron or even sunlight deficiency.

It's a fact > What you drink all day, coffee, tea, lemonades or even alcohol does not feed your body with the water so much needed.

Go and have a glass of water now!


Master Horst D. Lindenau - Founder of club 115
says, "drink a glass of water now!"

8 Feb 2019

Long life comes with good health

Healthy body - healthy mind - healthy you

1 Feb 2019

Life is like a river

Life is like a river. With one start and one end. It is always better water quality found if the river is in motion. Keep moving yourself.

31 Jan 2019

Connect to nature. Best at the sea

If you live near the coast you should go as often you can and connect with the sea. Any weather is good for that. The air, the view, the pure nature and beauty.

30 Jan 2019

Smoking gives you a cup of tar for your lungs

Want to join club 115?
Become 115 years old?
Then stop bloody smoking! 
Most stupid thing to do -
 and easy to stop this nasty habit.
The smoker adds a cup of tar to his lungs when smoking for years!
(Rule no 2 for the club 115)

Time is life

We at club 115 aim for a life span of minimum 115 years. Come and join us! Time is life - time is precious!

29 Jan 2019

You like to join club 115

Club 115 is for people they made a clear decision. 
They aim to live up to the age of 115 (one hundred fifteen) years.
And that's dead 😊😊😊 easy!
From application on you just follow the 115 rules. 
After you introduced yourself to the 115 rules you are in!

(Rule no 1 for the club 115)
Eat a lot of fresh salads

24 Jan 2019

TerLiMa and nutrition

TerLiMa and nutrition

The basic principle of nutrition, from the TerLiMa perspective,
 is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The high quality foods are those which promote the life force of the body without producing toxins. The recommended foods are vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. Fish and meats can be added in moderation. TerLiMa's principles of nutrition are very similar to what science has discovered in more recent times. And of course, you should eat what makes you happy.
Fresh fruit is what TerLiMa recommends

15 Jan 2019

Tantra Yoga can help you

To reach old age and stay young, or let me call it rather "stay healthy and happy", you need a balanced sex life. This does not mean, you need to actually practice sex. But if not than you need the right attitude to your state.

In the tantric lovemaking experience , which is called "Maithuna" in the West, the lovers include a variety of rituals and meditations before the actual uniting.

28 Dec 2018

Have a good discipline

Easy to say "you need better discipline". 

But how to get the discipline I need?

Well, I recognised over the year, the main precondition for real discipline is to have a strong purpose. A very strong purpose which is truly on your mind. And you are after it. You want it!

When I tested this idea first on myself, I was so convinced that I recommended it to friends and clients.
And guess what? It works! Everybody who commits to a personal strong goal 
finds it very easy to be disciplined.

Yes, it is that easy!
A strong personal purpose gives you the drive to develop good discipline

22 Dec 2018

What is the purpose of one's life?

What is the purpose of your life?
I bet you have got no clue, otherwise you wouldn't read this in the first place. When you are clear about your purpose in life, concentrate your energy and efforts towards this goal. Be a boat with a rudder and compass, not only wind in the sails. Otherwise life blows you from one direction to the next and before you even realize... game over. Most people have a very limited life span, they even might get some kind of old. But this aging is worthless. Most spend the last 10-15 years just to suffer under decay. 

This is not necessary! Join club 115 and turn the tide. Life a real life!

12 Dec 2018

First man who lives up to 115 years

I will be the first man who lives up to 115 years on proven records. Not talking about any "old 160 year ones from the Caucasian area :) ".

With the attitude of this club 115 you can join me.

It is easy possible to live up to 115 years!

6 Dec 2018

Join club 115 and lets live life longer together

Club 115 is for those they want to live 115 years. 
You can join whatever age you are. Use the contact form on this page. 

Join club 115 and live together 115 years

27 Nov 2018

Have you made any plans?

Preparations for the own funeral are not very common.
Most people avoid to deal with this subject at life time and leave this to the survivors.
With club 115 you rather concentrate on your next date and the upcoming holiday in the caribbean.
don't prepare for death - prepare for long life!

23 Nov 2018

What's your age?

Age is just a number
This statement is definitely true. But numbers are there to give something a value. For example your "number" is 67. What does that mean?
Are you 67 years old?
And exactly here begins the misleading. 
We all have a certain picture in our head. 67 years old ... that is so and so. My grandmother was ... retirement... old age and bad health... All these associations are misleading in one way or the other.

67 can be like

55% of those they born 67 years ago are dead already.

Many need care and help to manage their daily life.

Some are still working.

A few look actually younger.

Very few are of good health.

Most feel like retired.

Very few have got big plans for the future.

If you join Club 115 your are in the last category!
Use the contact form.

13 Nov 2018

Do you love living?

Recently some people were talking about getting older and that they don't want to live forever as everybody, friends and family are dying around them.
Well, I thought how limited this view is.
Firstly people start dying around you as soon you are born and in my case I would say 75% of friends and half of family is dead already.
The important thing is how one deals with it.
Birth - life - death, that's the circle which is more a straight line, isn't it?

I believe strongly as long we are alive we shall enjoy it and make the very most of it.

Come and join club 115! Just send an email to Master Horst D. Lindenau at TerLiMa

7 Nov 2018

Who is your Guru?

Did you ever asked yourself that question who is your Guru?
Do you have a Guru?
Let me tell you this, there is no other Guru than your own life.

I can hear you saying, yes, but, I...
Ok, this guy Bagwan, I think they called him Osho too, he used to have 100 (one hundred) Rolls Royce limos and paraded with them in front of his crowd...

Love music?  A good sample of a Guru here was probably the wonderful Elvis Presley.
Ok, music Guru yes for those they liked his style. But in life? Rather not. He died from obesity and depressions.

Good (bad) samples are found in politics. First Guru of a movement and after he/she gained power they turn out like monster sometimes.

So you better leave your hands off these kind of Gurus.

The only real Guru is YOUR LIFE.

Life is a journey. Start to end.

4 Nov 2018

Rich and poor

One difference between people they are poor and others they are rich is:

The poor spend their money and than try to save what's left.
The rich save their money first and then spend what's left over.

2 Nov 2018

... and the winner is...the one who never gives in

Never give in!

Never give in!

Never give in!

Actually there is nothing to be added. That's it, as simple. If you never give in, in nothing, big or small, large or petty. Just never give in!

Maybe except for cases of honour and common sense. 
But what is honour? What is common sense?

The sand grain does not know about the trees. It travels with the others.

26 Oct 2018

Rule no 7-9 for financial freedom

TerLiMa teaches you how to deal with your financial life. You need a secure life style. as they say, "no money - no honey". But without enough money and security in the financial field, life can be very bleak. If not a big struggle. Your life has got a purpose and to fulfill this purpose it is much better and easier if you don't have to fight for your income day in and day out.

That is the reason TerLiMa includes TerLiMa finances.

Rule no 7-9 for financial freedom:

- be ambitious
- caution when making contracts
- you need a good knowledge. In general and in particular in the field of your business.

24 Oct 2018

Rule no 4-6 for financial freedom

There are some important rules to follow if you want to gain financial freedom. Today we talk about rule no 4 - 6 for your financial freedom.

- Will power to victory
- Life is hard and full of defrauders
- Work purposefully

Rule no 1-3 for financial freedom

TerLiMa provides you today with the most simple rule if you are looking for financial freedom.

- work hard
- be you own boss and be independent
- don't trust too easy anybody

As simple as that. Go for it!

16 Oct 2018

The three gates to your psyche

Have you ever thought about it?
Your eyes, your ears and your nose are the direct gateways to your very own psyche.
Without them you would live in the complete darkness, no sounds and no smells.

Therefore treat these three gateways with utmost care.

Select careful what you look at.
Select careful what you listen to.
Select careful sources of smell which surround you.

13 Oct 2018

Sweets but not sweety

If you have a problem with being to obese. Or bit more moderate, just want to lose these extra pounds. Keep on mind, the sweets and cookies you love to eat don't give you love. Go and hug someone instead. That is what you need. Don't be fooled by yourself.

Just one cookie at the time...You know! Get some better discipline.


30 Sep 2018

Choose the people around you for your needs

Life is not only a one man show. You need to have people around you, they are good for you. Be ruthless and disconnect from those they don't want you to be happy and succeed.

26 Sep 2018

TerLiMa recommends BlackCombat as best self defence method

There is a new designed self defence system out there. Its name is BlackCombat
BlackCombat is the successor of the former Anti Terror Combat system.

As the world and our daily life becomes more and more threatened by brutal and often meaningless violence everybody is requested to keep one's life safe by learning a martial art and as long it is legal get yourself some weapons for self protection.

It is sad but we cannot burry the head in the sand.

BlackCombat has got a website which you can find here.

And for the friends of Facebook click https://www.facebook.com/BlackCombatheadquarters/

Stay safe > live after the TerLiMa rules > and be happy!

15 Sep 2018

What is TerLiMa?

What is TerLiMa? TerLiMa stands short for Terrestrial Life Management.

8 Sep 2018

Stress? TerLiMa offers help

You have to be patient sometime. Easy as that.

27 Jul 2018

Better rich than poor

They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable.
But what about a compromise?
Moderately rich and just moody.

20 Jul 2018

Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau

Horst D. Lindenau is the founder and president of the international self defence organisation BlackCombat . This organisation is dedicated to give the wider public support in the field of self defence. BlackCombat not only provides information on the relevant topics of self defence but supports and does studies within the industry. BlackCombat is a platform for all experts, to get the latest on self defence and connects the martial artists and other individuals and organisation who are dealing with self defence.

Grandmaster and president of the international BlackCombat organisation Horst D. Lindenau / UK