17 Apr 2013

Lungs - Air - Breath - Life

Bang! I have just crushed a fly, taken her life. How easy it is to convert from life to death.
When a human dies, often the lungs are involved. The breathing once gone: dead.

Our lung is a hard working organ. Until the age of retirement our lungs have breathed in and out about 500 million times . The bronchi get flowed by 10.000 litres of air through the day.

Of course in a smoker’s lung this would be just air and smoke. The lungs of a healthy adult have more than 300 million alveolar. These spread out would cover an area as large as a football field.

One question: For example, if a doggy would poop on this sports field. Very close to the goal, of
course. The goalkeeper will surely be annoyed by that. What do you do in this case?

Answer: Doggy off the pitch and dog pile cleaned up.

Something similar would be the effect of a cigarette onto the bronchi. The smoke adheres them and when "the dog is not chased away", the lung will be full of shit soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sehr drastisch beschrieben aber wohl wahr. Schönen Gruß aus Oberbayern!