19 Mar 2015

Is unhappiness = depressive?

The number of depressive people did not rise, but the consumption of anti depressive medication did. One reason is the easy going mentality of many GPS' who like to subscribe these medications. But it is well know, that to be unhappy ( today quick recognized as depressive ) belongs to life like the rain in the weather. Therefor it is highly advised, to solve the reasons of someones unhappiness instead of using drugs. But here we are, the patient often looks for quick solutions - and the doc needs to finance his living standards.




Kareen said...

Ich glaub das nicht.

Kareen said...

Hallo Horst
wenn ich auf den Link Körper und Geist klicke erscheint die Meldung keine Posts. Lieben Gruß Kareen

Horst Lindenau said...

Hallo Kareen, ja das stimmt. Habe versucht es zu beheben, aber erstmal kein Erfolg, ich arbeite dran. Vielen Dank für den Tip.