6 May 2015

Come in please!

Come in please - and than it says:

Tell me, how often were you clear about your actions?

6 Apr 2015

Meditation-bench for DIY

This little bench is very useful for your meditation. With a little effort it can be done by yourself. Model OL from TerLiMa.

5 Apr 2015

A Koan for the weekend

What is the difference between watching sports and doing sports?

1 Apr 2015

Und hier mal wieder mein Lieblingsthema Nr.1 (please use translate button)

87 Gründe nicht zu rauchen

1. Rauchen ist dumm.
2. Rauchen macht dumm.
3. Rauchen ist teuer.
4. Rauchen stinkt.
5. Rauchen schadet der Umwelt.
6. Rauchen macht einsam.
7. Rauchen verkürzt das gesunde Leben.
8. Rauchen ist out.
9. Rauchen erzeugt Missbildungen.
10. Rauchen macht impotent.
11. Rauchen ist asozial.
12. Rauchen macht krank.
13. Rauchen ist eine Sucht.
14. Rauchen ist die größte Innenweltverschmutzung.
15. Rauchen ist ein Zeichen von Charakterschwäche.
16. Rauchen ist leistungsmindernd.
17. Rauchen macht blind.
18. Rauchen reduziert die Arbeitsleistung.
19. Rauchen verursacht Unfälle.

20. Rauchen verursacht Brände.
21. Rauchen verseucht die Umwelt.
22. Rauchen sorgt für Abholzung der Regenwälder.
23. Rauchen beutet die 3. Welt aus.
24. Rauchen schadet dem Sozialstaat.
25. Rauchen verursacht hohe Allgemeinkosten.

26. Rauchen reduziert Heilchancen bei Krankheiten.
27. Rauchen macht Operationen kompliziert.
28. Rauchen schadet dem Kreislauf.
29. Rauchen fördert das Herzinfarktrisiko.
30. Rauchen führt zu Frühinvalidität.

31. Rauchen verursacht erhöhte Arbeitsunfähigkeit.
32. Rauchen verursacht unnötige Kosten in Betrieben.
33. Rauchen ist einfach ekelhaft.
34. Rauchen ist immer Einstiegsdroge zu weiteren Drogen.
35. Rauchen beschert uns viel Korruption in der Politik.
36. Rauchen ist absolut überflüssig.
37. Rauchen basiert auf einer Unzahl von Lügen.
38. Rauchen schafft familiäres Elend.
39. Rauchen verursacht höhere Energiekosten.
40. Rauchen basiert auf einer geschickten Werbelüge.

41. Rauchen macht nicht dünn.
42. Rauchen kippt das Gesundheitssystem.
43. Rauchen schädigt die Magenschleimhaut.
44. Rauchen macht hässlich.
45. Rauchen ist intolerant.
46. Rauchen ist kindisch.
47. Rauchen ist giftig.
48. Rauchen amputiert die Beine.
49. Rauchen bringt Sie in die Krebsstation.
50. Rauchen gibt es nicht in Light-Version.

51. Rauchen lässt sich schwer wieder abgewöhnen.
52. Rauchen hat nichts mit Emanzipation zu tun.
53. Rauchen erhöht nicht die Lebensqualität.
54. Rauchen ist uncool.
55. Rauchen schränkt die persönliche Freiheit ein.
56. Rauchen ist schuld am Hunger in der Welt.
57. Rauchen und küssen passt schlecht zusammen.
58. Rauchen verursacht Erkältungskrankheiten.
59. Rauchen lässt gutes Essen schlechter schmecken.
60. Rauchen verursacht Lungenkrebs.
61. Rauchen vermindert den Geruchssinn.
62. Rauchen ist unnatürlich.
63. Rauchen nach dem Essen macht absolut keinen Sinn.
64. Rauchen nach dem Sex ist Impotenz.
65. Rauchen beruhigt nicht die Nerven.
66. Rauchen entspannt nicht.
67. Rauchen kostet Zeit.
68. Rauchen ist Todesursache Nr.1.
69. Rauchen macht unfit.
70. Rauchen und Jugendvorbild sein schließen einander aus.

71. Rauchen verursacht Stress.
72. Rauchen ist ein Minderheitenproblem.
73. Rauchen ist ein todsicheres Geschäft.
74. Rauchen ist kinderfeindlich.
75. Rauchen hat nichts mit Abenteuer und Freiheit zu tun.
76. Rauchen macht einsam.
77. Rauchen verseucht Trinkwasser.
78. Rauchen macht Gardinen gelb.
79. Rauchen schafft keine Arbeitsplätze.
80. Rauchen ist für Frauen gefährlicher als für Männer.
81. Rauchen sieht nicht gut aus.
82. Rauchen bedeutet angeben.
83. Rauchen ist 100x gefährlicher als Asbest.
84. Rauchen ist 1000x gefährlicher als BSE, Vogel- und Schweinegrippe zusammen
85. Rauchen verursacht Verkehrsunfälle.
86. Rauchen verursacht Wohnungsbrände.
87. Rauchen ist Körperverletzung.

21 Mar 2015

It is television

Watching too much television will shorten your life

Six hours television a day will shorten your life by five years. With this fact television is playing in the same league than smoking or obesity. This is the result of a clinical study in Australia 2012. Australians watch on average two hours TV a day, while British people spend an hour more and do three hour. And you?

Sitting, too little exercise (movements) is strong connected to a higher risk of suffering of the common diseases, especially coronary illnesses. That's what I always said. If you want to grow in your personality and live not only longer but better, you have to destroy your TV!

Critics will say now, who cares? Better live shorter and have fun in life, than end up in an old peoples place worse of than battery chicken. But this is the wrong idea of getting old and being healthy. The aim should be, as long you are alive, body and mind should be in good condition and function well. Anything else is not worth doing. By the way, I am not blind. To sit in front of the PC does the same than the TV.

20 Mar 2015

You can’t take it with you when you go

"And at the end you have to recognize that you can' t even eat bread anymore."

19 Mar 2015

Is unhappiness = depressive?

The number of depressive people did not rise, but the consumption of anti depressive medication did. One reason is the easy going mentality of many GPS' who like to subscribe these medications. But it is well know, that to be unhappy ( today quick recognized as depressive ) belongs to life like the rain in the weather. Therefor it is highly advised, to solve the reasons of someones unhappiness instead of using drugs. But here we are, the patient often looks for quick solutions - and the doc needs to finance his living standards.



6 Mar 2015

Terlima news changes it's main focus

Dear friends and visitors of TerLiMa-news,

for seven years we are running this blog with more than 700 posts and various subjects regarding life coaching, self help and general information how to improve and run some ones life in a better way.

Now it is time for a change and focus on a few emphasis. We found that certain subjects are more important than others. In various fields TerLiMa has enhanced the knowledge and some subjects have proven to be rather entertainment than helpful to improve some ones life.

The new topics are assembled under life coaching and divide into five head topics. Life coaching, mostly one to one tuition, weight loss as obesity is a very serious subject today, traditional the training for stop-smoking will be covered, cellulite reduction is supposed to hit the high street with us and you will find all around Anti-aging.

This is all within the organisation of TerLiMa, which is still representing the main seven section:

Self defence
Body + mind

We do hope you stay with us, support the blog further on and please stay connected by using the comment function and help TerLiMa to become better by adding your valuable knowledge.

Thank you all very much!

Your Master Horst D. Lindenau

15 Feb 2015

The ashtray becomes a part of you

For a smoker the ashtray becomes a companion over the years. Imagine these 20 cigarettes a day for 25 years. Not good in maths? Well that counts up to about 180.000 and let's assume 5 times per cigarette you snip the ash into the ashtray = roughly 900.000. You nearly a millionaire!

So what do you think, keep the ashtray?

14 Feb 2015

Where are the aliens?

For decades, people search for signals of extraterrestrial civilizations. The Milky Way as we know it so far, has up to 300 billion stars, probably millions of habitable planets, and it is more than 13 billion years old. Quite some facts these are. During this time there were plenty of chances for intelligent aliens to colonize the galaxy. Alone, so far humanity has not heard anything from them.

13 Feb 2015

Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious?
If yes, you better stay in bed today.
But even than, you might need the toilet and slip on the corridor.

Would be nice if white magic works like this.
But it does't.
Being superstitious has a lot to do with these Fridays the 13th, all these black cats and probably even bent branches in your front garden on a child's birthday.

Forget these things.
How many Fridays the 13th have you survived without any harm so far?
You see?

Magic is more than entertainment. It works.
Black cat from the left or right, both fine

11 Feb 2015

Most regrets before you die

1. It was wrong to live most of the time the life other people expected me to live. I should have had more courage to do it my way.
2. It was wrong that I have worked so hard.
3. All my life I found it difficult to express myself.
4. Now at the end I wish I had stayed in touch with many people I lost during life.
5. Happiness is probably the most I have not cared about enough in my life. 

10 Feb 2015

No time - too much time

What is time? I would say TIME IS GOD. At least the subject time is so far the same undiscovered as there couldn't be found the one and real god. If you think different, do so. That's the only way to start development and progress.

Now we have already (judgement!) February. Not long ago we had new years eve, 2014. Not long it will be summer and again ... you know.

So what is it all about the time?

7 Feb 2015

An apple a day...

... an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. That's what we say here.
Apples and carrots - very tasty. And healthy too.

It is not all and only about eating an apple. One reason why some people get into misery is, because they don't even know anymore what an apple is. How and where it grows, how to eat it and how good it is for well being and staying trim and slim. 

Only in my little English coast town, I could count just on a hour walk about 10 places, where people have got apple trees in their gardens, but these apples never get picked. That indicates a sickness which goes deeper than diabetes, cancer and heart trouble. That is a disease of the brain.

But it is not all about apples. In Japan the say... a plum a day, keeps the doctor away...

2 Feb 2015

Sometimes it is better to say "no"

Sometimes you have to say "no" to people who are very close to you, even to people who love you. They probably do not like it, but they will respect you for it. On the other hand, they will than respect you even more for a "yes". This way other people will develop a much stronger and honest relation towards you.

If you always try to make everybody happy, you'll quickly be unhappy yourself. By following this,
you know exactly where you stand with others. And be as you are; always be honest and straight forward. This might be tough in some cases, but on a long term you gain more.

29 Jan 2015

Very good news today

It looks like that consumers get the grip. The biggest fast food chain in the world, widely known as Mcdoof in Germany, which mean clearly Mcstupid, has reported its first fall in sales in 12 years.

If the biggest one of the fast food giants goes down with this evil fast food, others will follow soon. It looks like, that there is a trend to the better and healthier food worldwide.

TerLiMa always supported the healthy eating cult and style and is pleased about this message.

Eat healthy - stay healthy! Beat obesity and diabetes and heart diseases with your own strength and weapon. It's your mind!

27 Jan 2015

Just use your own body to improve fitness

If you practice with equipment,like one does in a gym, then you will become especially good at this one move. If you train with your purely own body weight, for example, do one leg squats,or even squats on both legs, you will become strong and supple.

You improve balance and coordination and built up strength. It is therefore good to use what you always have available: just your own body. When you know how to do the right moves, you have your gym in the head.

26 Jan 2015

What is meditation? Like coming home

Meditation is a rocky and difficult trail. Meditation requires great discipline and brings us forward on the chosen path.

There is no easy or even royal way among all the various methods of meditation. Each way only requires hard work.

And there is no end of the path and search, no state in which we can say: now I'm at the finish.
A good meditation program is similar to a physical exercise program. Both require hard work.

An important part of any kind of meditation is to do one thing at the time.

20 Jan 2015

Diabetes on the rise

Empty prosthetic. The leg amputated because of diabetic.

A message in an English newspaper

"1 in 7 patients in our hospitals suffers from diabetes. It is predicted that the
future treatment of this disease will cost more than 10 billion pounds."

TerLiMa-news reported two years ago that in the future, patients in hospitals will suffer from three diseases. Cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity. Well, on top of that there might be the odd cases of senile dementia and /or cancer. Not good prospects. And future means in the year 2023.

Men with a fat belly

I found these interesting figures.

Men with a flat stomach.

90% do not suffer from gallstones

70% do not develop high blood pressure

50% have no heart disease

17% have a better chance to survive the first heart attack

50% do not have erectile dysfunction

35% do not develop kidney cancer

and even 19% have an increased chance of surviving a car accident

19 Jan 2015


Did you now that?
Children laugh on average 300 times a day. Adults only five.
Maybe this is one way to stay young at heart.

18 Jan 2015

TerLiMa-news is posting now in English

Dear readers,

as I live now in England I have decided to continue the TerLiMa-news in English language. I believe it will be a better value to a wider public and on the other hand, all my German followers can use the translation button or are able to understand English anyway. While it is difficult the other way around, as only little people actually speak German. Welcome and have fun and enjoy the information shared on this blog

See if I can find a nice picture for this first English post...

Stay in touch
 Nice, isn't it?

10 Jan 2015

Seltener einkaufen

Wer weniger einkaufen geht ( wohl eher faehrt ), macht einen grossen Schritt zu sich selbst. Schau doch mal in den Kuehlschrank. Wieviel davon wirst du bald wegwerfen? Und schau mal in den Kleiderschrank. Was benutzt du wirklich? Einkaufen als Ersatzbefriedigung, aber es funktioniert  nicht.