15 Feb 2015

The ashtray becomes a part of you

For a smoker the ashtray becomes a companion over the years. Imagine these 20 cigarettes a day for 25 years. Not good in maths? Well that counts up to about 180.000 and let's assume 5 times per cigarette you snip the ash into the ashtray = roughly 900.000. You nearly a millionaire!

So what do you think, keep the ashtray?

14 Feb 2015

Where are the aliens?

For decades, people search for signals of extraterrestrial civilizations. The Milky Way as we know it so far, has up to 300 billion stars, probably millions of habitable planets, and it is more than 13 billion years old. Quite some facts these are. During this time there were plenty of chances for intelligent aliens to colonize the galaxy. Alone, so far humanity has not heard anything from them.

13 Feb 2015

Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious?
If yes, you better stay in bed today.
But even than, you might need the toilet and slip on the corridor.

Would be nice if white magic works like this.
But it does't.
Being superstitious has a lot to do with these Fridays the 13th, all these black cats and probably even bent branches in your front garden on a child's birthday.

Forget these things.
How many Fridays the 13th have you survived without any harm so far?
You see?

Magic is more than entertainment. It works.
Black cat from the left or right, both fine

11 Feb 2015

Most regrets before you die

1. It was wrong to live most of the time the life other people expected me to live. I should have had more courage to do it my way.
2. It was wrong that I have worked so hard.
3. All my life I found it difficult to express myself.
4. Now at the end I wish I had stayed in touch with many people I lost during life.
5. Happiness is probably the most I have not cared about enough in my life. 

10 Feb 2015

No time - too much time

What is time? I would say TIME IS GOD. At least the subject time is so far the same undiscovered as there couldn't be found the one and real god. If you think different, do so. That's the only way to start development and progress.

Now we have already (judgement!) February. Not long ago we had new years eve, 2014. Not long it will be summer and again ... you know.

So what is it all about the time?

7 Feb 2015

An apple a day...

... an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. That's what we say here.
Apples and carrots - very tasty. And healthy too.

It is not all and only about eating an apple. One reason why some people get into misery is, because they don't even know anymore what an apple is. How and where it grows, how to eat it and how good it is for well being and staying trim and slim. 

Only in my little English coast town, I could count just on a hour walk about 10 places, where people have got apple trees in their gardens, but these apples never get picked. That indicates a sickness which goes deeper than diabetes, cancer and heart trouble. That is a disease of the brain.

But it is not all about apples. In Japan the say... a plum a day, keeps the doctor away...

2 Feb 2015

Sometimes it is better to say "no"

Sometimes you have to say "no" to people who are very close to you, even to people who love you. They probably do not like it, but they will respect you for it. On the other hand, they will than respect you even more for a "yes". This way other people will develop a much stronger and honest relation towards you.

If you always try to make everybody happy, you'll quickly be unhappy yourself. By following this,
you know exactly where you stand with others. And be as you are; always be honest and straight forward. This might be tough in some cases, but on a long term you gain more.