7 Feb 2015

An apple a day...

... an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. That's what we say here.
Apples and carrots - very tasty. And healthy too.

It is not all and only about eating an apple. One reason why some people get into misery is, because they don't even know anymore what an apple is. How and where it grows, how to eat it and how good it is for well being and staying trim and slim. 

Only in my little English coast town, I could count just on a hour walk about 10 places, where people have got apple trees in their gardens, but these apples never get picked. That indicates a sickness which goes deeper than diabetes, cancer and heart trouble. That is a disease of the brain.

But it is not all about apples. In Japan the say... a plum a day, keeps the doctor away...

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