21 Mar 2015

It is television

Watching too much television will shorten your life

Six hours television a day will shorten your life by five years. With this fact television is playing in the same league than smoking or obesity. This is the result of a clinical study in Australia 2012. Australians watch on average two hours TV a day, while British people spend an hour more and do three hour. And you?

Sitting, too little exercise (movements) is strong connected to a higher risk of suffering of the common diseases, especially coronary illnesses. That's what I always said. If you want to grow in your personality and live not only longer but better, you have to destroy your TV!

Critics will say now, who cares? Better live shorter and have fun in life, than end up in an old peoples place worse of than battery chicken. But this is the wrong idea of getting old and being healthy. The aim should be, as long you are alive, body and mind should be in good condition and function well. Anything else is not worth doing. By the way, I am not blind. To sit in front of the PC does the same than the TV.

20 Mar 2015

You can’t take it with you when you go

"And at the end you have to recognize that you can' t even eat bread anymore."

19 Mar 2015

Is unhappiness = depressive?

The number of depressive people did not rise, but the consumption of anti depressive medication did. One reason is the easy going mentality of many GPS' who like to subscribe these medications. But it is well know, that to be unhappy ( today quick recognized as depressive ) belongs to life like the rain in the weather. Therefor it is highly advised, to solve the reasons of someones unhappiness instead of using drugs. But here we are, the patient often looks for quick solutions - and the doc needs to finance his living standards.



6 Mar 2015

Terlima news changes it's main focus

Dear friends and visitors of TerLiMa-news,

for seven years we are running this blog with more than 700 posts and various subjects regarding life coaching, self help and general information how to improve and run some ones life in a better way.

Now it is time for a change and focus on a few emphasis. We found that certain subjects are more important than others. In various fields TerLiMa has enhanced the knowledge and some subjects have proven to be rather entertainment than helpful to improve some ones life.

The new topics are assembled under life coaching and divide into five head topics. Life coaching, mostly one to one tuition, weight loss as obesity is a very serious subject today, traditional the training for stop-smoking will be covered, cellulite reduction is supposed to hit the high street with us and you will find all around Anti-aging.

This is all within the organisation of TerLiMa, which is still representing the main seven section:

Self defence
Body + mind

We do hope you stay with us, support the blog further on and please stay connected by using the comment function and help TerLiMa to become better by adding your valuable knowledge.

Thank you all very much!

Your Master Horst D. Lindenau