6 Mar 2015

Terlima news changes it's main focus

Dear friends and visitors of TerLiMa-news,

for seven years we are running this blog with more than 700 posts and various subjects regarding life coaching, self help and general information how to improve and run some ones life in a better way.

Now it is time for a change and focus on a few emphasis. We found that certain subjects are more important than others. In various fields TerLiMa has enhanced the knowledge and some subjects have proven to be rather entertainment than helpful to improve some ones life.

The new topics are assembled under life coaching and divide into five head topics. Life coaching, mostly one to one tuition, weight loss as obesity is a very serious subject today, traditional the training for stop-smoking will be covered, cellulite reduction is supposed to hit the high street with us and you will find all around Anti-aging.

This is all within the organisation of TerLiMa, which is still representing the main seven section:

Self defence
Body + mind

We do hope you stay with us, support the blog further on and please stay connected by using the comment function and help TerLiMa to become better by adding your valuable knowledge.

Thank you all very much!

Your Master Horst D. Lindenau


Zak said...

Lovely photo, where is that taken?

Anonymous said...

Kannst du nicht mehr weiter auf deutsch schreiben? Ich fand das heir immer richtig interessant.