23 Mar 2018

Smoking not modern anymore

22 Mar 2018

Creepy - Isn't it?

Smoker and the smoker lobby keeps on telling, that creepy images would not have any effect on people to smoke the deadly habit of smoking. To show amputated fingers, legs, cancer tumors or similar would nobody encourage to give up the smoking addiction.

Good laugh that is. First everybody knows, the car insurer sitting in your living room and trying to sell his service likes to show people drastic photos of car crashes. Best with whole families involved.

And guess what? The American tobacco lobby has taken legal action against people showing drastic images related to smoking.

And by the way, smoking is probably the most useless thing in the world. 

21 Mar 2018

100 things to do to reach 100 years

The first seven

1. Don't eat dead white bread.
2. Never do "TV marathon". Best if you don't have a television in the first place.
3. Avoid obesity! BMI can be an indicator to help.
4. Keep your teeth clean.
5. Always wash your hands proper. Of course, don't overdo it or become obsessive.
6. Be slim
7. Stay away from alcohol. Never or if at all only moderate consumption.

... and 101 is always: Be happy and have fun in life!!!

20 Mar 2018

What is your reason to work out?

Want to become fit?
Because you put too much weight on?
Stay healthy?
Look good?
Feel good about yourself?
Become stronger?
Get this bikini summer figure?

There are many reasons to improve the personal fitness level. But I never thought it would be what this graph shows. Found it in an English paper.

19 Mar 2018

Time to go out in the garden

That's how it look a the moment. this year it was quite wet and we even had some snow here, which is unusual. But hey, never mind. Tomatoes, beans, pots, herbs and flowers will grow soon. Look forward to it!

7 Mar 2018

Age is just a number

Not long ago, many health problems experienced by older people were simply put down to their advancing years.

Fortunately, attitudes are changing. Fewer doctors are likely to tell you: "What else can you expect at your time of life?"

Today it is generally accepted that old age is not a diagnosis or a disease.

Indeed, most problems in later life are not caused by the ageing process itself. However, we should all be aware of the changes in our bodies as we grow older and take action to avoid damage to our health.

You start today by following this blog.

4 Mar 2018

You can become easy 115 years old

Did you hear that?

You can become easy 115 years old.

And this is only the basic or call it the realistic approach to what we call life span / death etc.

Other sources talk about a target at around 500 years.

Well, I have no further information on that. But I keep you informed.