3 Apr 2018

Three quick fix for longevity from TerLiMa

1. Get enough sleep of good quality
Sleep quality is huge important. If you’re not regularly sleeping your personal required hours per night, your body does not have time to repair. The amount of sleep has to be individual found. If you waking up tired even after sufficient hours of sleep, than there is a problem with your sleep quality. Low melatonin production (sleep in the dark!), sleep apnoea and easily corrected factors like too much alcohol or caffeine can be the reason.

2. Eat well
This is simple. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits especially no processed foods. Home-cooked meals keep you lively.

3. Stay always active
As you age it takes much more effort to maintain muscle mass and muscle tone. Therefore you need to exercise often. One caution though is to be gentle with your joints. If any sport causes hip and knee pain, consider a different one.