9 May 2018

Breath in - and out!

Life energy has many names from many cultures. Ki, spirit and prana, but what does it do?
Life energy is about bringing true healing from within.

When we see the doctors we are prescribed drugs that will relieve the symptoms of the disorder but it does not cure us. Because the reason for being ill is still present. Any true cure involves changes to one’s lifestyle and to how we perceive ourselves, in other words the physical and psychological being.

Each breath we take is life energy which in turn enters our body through meridians energizing major organs and tissues. Any imbalance to the flow of energy will lead to ill health. The Hebrew term “Ruah” comes from “Ruh” meaning to breath the power of manifestation, or energy.

Shakespeare wrote: " O spirit of love, the spirit which heals." When we are healthy we are full of energy, spirit and love.
I truly believe that if we treat ourselves holistically, that we will become whole again and live our lives as they were meant to be.

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