26 Oct 2018

Rule no 7-9 for financial freedom

TerLiMa teaches you how to deal with your financial life. You need a secure life style. as they say, "no money - no honey". But without enough money and security in the financial field, life can be very bleak. If not a big struggle. Your life has got a purpose and to fulfill this purpose it is much better and easier if you don't have to fight for your income day in and day out.

That is the reason TerLiMa includes TerLiMa finances.

Rule no 7-9 for financial freedom:

- be ambitious
- caution when making contracts
- you need a good knowledge. In general and in particular in the field of your business.

24 Oct 2018

Rule no 4-6 for financial freedom

There are some important rules to follow if you want to gain financial freedom. Today we talk about rule no 4 - 6 for your financial freedom.

- Will power to victory
- Life is hard and full of defrauders
- Work purposefully

Rule no 1-3 for financial freedom

TerLiMa provides you today with the most simple rule if you are looking for financial freedom.

- work hard
- be you own boss and be independent
- don't trust too easy anybody

As simple as that. Go for it!

16 Oct 2018

The three gates to your psyche

Have you ever thought about it?
Your eyes, your ears and your nose are the direct gateways to your very own psyche.
Without them you would live in the complete darkness, no sounds and no smells.

Therefore treat these three gateways with utmost care.

Select careful what you look at.
Select careful what you listen to.
Select careful sources of smell which surround you.

13 Oct 2018

Sweets but not sweety

If you have a problem with being to obese. Or bit more moderate, just want to lose these extra pounds. Keep on mind, the sweets and cookies you love to eat don't give you love. Go and hug someone instead. That is what you need. Don't be fooled by yourself.

Just one cookie at the time...You know! Get some better discipline.