27 Nov 2018

Have you made any plans?

Preparations for the own funeral are not very common.
Most people avoid to deal with this subject at life time and leave this to the survivors.
With club 115 you rather concentrate on your next date and the upcoming holiday in the caribbean.
don't prepare for death - prepare for long life!

23 Nov 2018

What's your age?

Age is just a number
This statement is definitely true. But numbers are there to give something a value. For example your "number" is 67. What does that mean?
Are you 67 years old?
And exactly here begins the misleading. 
We all have a certain picture in our head. 67 years old ... that is so and so. My grandmother was ... retirement... old age and bad health... All these associations are misleading in one way or the other.

67 can be like

55% of those they born 67 years ago are dead already.

Many need care and help to manage their daily life.

Some are still working.

A few look actually younger.

Very few are of good health.

Most feel like retired.

Very few have got big plans for the future.

If you join Club 115 your are in the last category!
Use the contact form.

13 Nov 2018

Do you love living?

Recently some people were talking about getting older and that they don't want to live forever as everybody, friends and family are dying around them.
Well, I thought how limited this view is.
Firstly people start dying around you as soon you are born and in my case I would say 75% of friends and half of family is dead already.
The important thing is how one deals with it.
Birth - life - death, that's the circle which is more a straight line, isn't it?

I believe strongly as long we are alive we shall enjoy it and make the very most of it.

Come and join club 115! Just send an email to Master Horst D. Lindenau at TerLiMa

7 Nov 2018

Who is your Guru?

Did you ever asked yourself that question who is your Guru?
Do you have a Guru?
Let me tell you this, there is no other Guru than your own life.

I can hear you saying, yes, but, I...
Ok, this guy Bagwan, I think they called him Osho too, he used to have 100 (one hundred) Rolls Royce limos and paraded with them in front of his crowd...

Love music?  A good sample of a Guru here was probably the wonderful Elvis Presley.
Ok, music Guru yes for those they liked his style. But in life? Rather not. He died from obesity and depressions.

Good (bad) samples are found in politics. First Guru of a movement and after he/she gained power they turn out like monster sometimes.

So you better leave your hands off these kind of Gurus.

The only real Guru is YOUR LIFE.

Life is a journey. Start to end.

4 Nov 2018

Rich and poor

One difference between people they are poor and others they are rich is:

The poor spend their money and than try to save what's left.
The rich save their money first and then spend what's left over.

2 Nov 2018

... and the winner is...the one who never gives in

Never give in!

Never give in!

Never give in!

Actually there is nothing to be added. That's it, as simple. If you never give in, in nothing, big or small, large or petty. Just never give in!

Maybe except for cases of honour and common sense. 
But what is honour? What is common sense?

The sand grain does not know about the trees. It travels with the others.