28 Dec 2018

Have a good discipline

Easy to say "you need better discipline". 

But how to get the discipline I need?

Well, I recognised over the year, the main precondition for real discipline is to have a strong purpose. A very strong purpose which is truly on your mind. And you are after it. You want it!

When I tested this idea first on myself, I was so convinced that I recommended it to friends and clients.
And guess what? It works! Everybody who commits to a personal strong goal 
finds it very easy to be disciplined.

Yes, it is that easy!
A strong personal purpose gives you the drive to develop good discipline

22 Dec 2018

What is the purpose of one's life?

What is the purpose of your life?
I bet you have got no clue, otherwise you wouldn't read this in the first place. When you are clear about your purpose in life, concentrate your energy and efforts towards this goal. Be a boat with a rudder and compass, not only wind in the sails. Otherwise life blows you from one direction to the next and before you even realize... game over. Most people have a very limited life span, they even might get some kind of old. But this aging is worthless. Most spend the last 10-15 years just to suffer under decay. 

This is not necessary! Join club 115 and turn the tide. Life a real life!

12 Dec 2018

First man who lives up to 115 years

I will be the first man who lives up to 115 years on proven records. Not talking about any "old 160 year ones from the Caucasian area :) ".

With the attitude of this club 115 you can join me.

It is easy possible to live up to 115 years!

6 Dec 2018

Join club 115 and lets live life longer together

Club 115 is for those they want to live 115 years. 
You can join whatever age you are. Use the contact form on this page. 

Join club 115 and live together 115 years