31 Jan 2019

Connect to nature. Best at the sea

If you live near the coast you should go as often you can and connect with the sea. Any weather is good for that. The air, the view, the pure nature and beauty.

30 Jan 2019

Smoking gives you a cup of tar for your lungs

Want to join club 115?
Become 115 years old?
Then stop bloody smoking! 
Most stupid thing to do -
 and easy to stop this nasty habit.
The smoker adds a cup of tar to his lungs when smoking for years!
(Rule no 2 for the club 115)

Time is life

We at club 115 aim for a life span of minimum 115 years. Come and join us! Time is life - time is precious!

29 Jan 2019

You like to join club 115

Club 115 is for people they made a clear decision. 
They aim to live up to the age of 115 (one hundred fifteen) years.
And that's dead ­čśŐ­čśŐ­čśŐ easy!
From application on you just follow the 115 rules. 
After you introduced yourself to the 115 rules you are in!

(Rule no 1 for the club 115)
Eat a lot of fresh salads

24 Jan 2019

TerLiMa and nutrition

TerLiMa and nutrition

The basic principle of nutrition, from the TerLiMa perspective,
 is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The high quality foods are those which promote the life force of the body without producing toxins. The recommended foods are vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. Fish and meats can be added in moderation. TerLiMa's principles of nutrition are very similar to what science has discovered in more recent times. And of course, you should eat what makes you happy.
Fresh fruit is what TerLiMa recommends

15 Jan 2019

Tantra Yoga can help you

To reach old age and stay young, or let me call it rather "stay healthy and happy", you need a balanced sex life. This does not mean, you need to actually practice sex. But if not than you need the right attitude to your state.

In the tantric lovemaking experience , which is called "Maithuna" in the West, the lovers include a variety of rituals and meditations before the actual uniting.