17 Feb 2019

Think ahead to a bright future - No limits for me

Club 115 – What it means

Club 115 unites all people who aim to become 115 years old

New members can join at any age

Club 115 supports its members to live 
meaningful and healthy up to 115 years

Club 115 is part of the TerLiMa system

16 Feb 2019

What is TerLiMa?

What is TerLiMa?
TerLiMa is short for Terrestrial Life Management.

Terrestrial > because TerLiMa orientates at solid fixed points. As the terrestrial navigation in the maritime world. Fixed points, solid reference points give you help and advise for your life.

Life > That's you and the whole of the universe.

Management > without a solid management nothing works. Nor does your life. TerLiMa is the tool to manage ones life in the best possible way.

11 Feb 2019

Water. Water. And again water.

Water is the most important commodity for life

It's a fact > Water shortage indifferent areas of your body will manifest varying symptoms, signal and complications labelled DISEASES.

It's a fact > Chronic dehydration of the body is like any other deficiency disorder. Vitamin deficiency, iron or even sunlight deficiency.

It's a fact > What you drink all day, coffee, tea, lemonades or even alcohol does not feed your body with the water so much needed.

Go and have a glass of water now!


Master Horst D. Lindenau - Founder of club 115
says, "drink a glass of water now!"

8 Feb 2019

Long life comes with good health

Healthy body - healthy mind - healthy you

1 Feb 2019

Life is like a river

Life is like a river. With one start and one end. It is always better water quality found if the river is in motion. Keep moving yourself.